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  • What method of payment do you accept?
    We accept venmo, cashapp, zelle, check, money order, paypal and credit cards. Payment are to be made after you agree to the cost of the repair. Payment with Paypal and credit card will be charged a 4% transaction fee.
  • What is the turn around time of the repair service?
    Our repair service typically takes 3-5 business days after the drill is received. However we have an expedited service which is a Next day repair service for $10 extra. That only guarantees that we will have it fixed and shipped back out to you the following business day. It does not mean that the drill will be shipped via next day shipping since the post office charges about $30 for a service like that. If you want the expedited repair you must put it in big writing outside of the package stating "NEXT DAY REPAIR SERVICE". You would however be liable for the exact shipping cost to have it expedited by the courier of your choice if you decide to go that route.
  • What is the typical cost of a repair on my handpiece?
    Typically 90% of our repairs all range from $50-$80 with parts,labor and shipping, but it all really depends on what is wrong with the drill and what needs to be replaced. When we receive your drill we will diagnose your drill. We will then let you know what is wrong with it and what needs to be replaced and the costs. We will never make any repairs unless you give us the confirmation to make the repairs. You can visit us at to see our past customer reviews and read about our service. There you will see that a lot of our customers stating that our repair is "inexpensive, affordable and reasonable".
  • Can I purchase additional shipping services for my drill?
    Yes, you could purchase insurance and expedited shipping service at your expense. We however provide free USPS shipping to have it sent back to you at no charge. Insurance is optional at an additional charge. We are not liable for lost and damaged packages that is out of our control.
  • Do you provide warranty on repairs?
    Yes. All our repair services comes with 100 day warranty on parts and labor. This does not cover accidental or damages resulting from self tampering.
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