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Here are some recent reviews from our customer's on Facebook:
Gabriela (1/9/19)
Last year my favorite drill decided to fall apart (literally) I kept looking for someone that could fix it but everyone that I took it to kept saying it was a lost cause, after giving up and loosing hope to get my drill fix I decided to sell it on eBay as a non working drill then Minh info popped up, I decided to contact him to get his opinion about my drill. He told me to send it in so he can give me an estimate on how much it would be, I then sent it to him and he immediately messaged me when he received my drill. He informed me that it was fixable and the part that was broken was very inexpensive. I was very excited to receive my favorite drill back. A year later it’s still working great! Highly recommend

Louis from Texas (7/7/2018)
I got my 3 drills fixed recently by this man. The drills turned out really good, smooth, quiet under his amazing hands, I loved them! You never go wrong with this man. I just sent out more 2 drills of my coworkers for him to fix them! I am sure the drills will turn out really good as well! The price of the service is affordable and reasonable. Definitely, I will still use this service and refer more customers for him in the future, for sure!

Steven from California (9/30/2018)
I will say they are awesome. Fast and professional work . And they also very friendly , honest with the customer ! Thank you so much and I'm so lucky that I found your guys . I will let all my friends know about your guys then they can look for help when needed. Thank you and have a nice weekend everyone !

Tasha from Pennsylvania (8/18/2017)
Excellent communication and service! Everything was thorough and efficient! I highly recommend. Very reliable, knowledgeable, and high quality work! My drill is atleast 10 years old and is in top shape!

Dottie from Pennsylvania (5/7/2017)
Have been in the nail business for about 30 years have tried a lot of drills repair business most every place I ever tried charges an arm and a leg ,not this guy ,he was very reasonable and did an outstanding job this guy is the absolute best ever great communication went above and beyond extremely happy with his services

Debbie from Florida (5/9/2017)
I found this guy! It was like finding gold!!! He is awesome with communication, awesome turn around time, and very reasonably priced!!! Thanks for keeping my drill running smooth!!!

Melanie from USA (11/29/2017)
Awesome service! Quick! Great communication and my drill is working like it’s brand new! Thanks again!

Sarah from Colorado (11/1/2017)
Very pleased with my recent drill repair! Quick, efficient and very good communication and customer service! Thank you for a job well done! My drill is working better than ever.

Danny from Arkansas (10/16/2017)
Highly recommend! I’ve sent in my drills and the service was always fast and friendly! Awesome customer service and great Facebook page to give you tips and tricks on your drill! I don’t have FB but I’ve got to get on my boyfriend Facebook to give 5 stars! Thank you for taking care of our drills! -kristie , Little Rock arkansas

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