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Is your nail drill making noises, heating up, shaking, overloading or simply dead? Or did you drop the drill and the bit broke off and is stuck inside? Stop using your drill and send it in for a repair or tune-up! Using it while it is making noises or shaking can actually cause more damage to your drill.

Cost of a new handpiece = $300+

Cost of repair for a handpiece = $50


We will professionally repair the nail drill handpiece using brand new genuine replacement parts.


You can expect a two-three business day turn-around time (excluding major holidays) and free shipping back to you, all you need to do is pay for shipping of the drill to us. Once you submit the order for repair, we follow up with you directly for the service. *Please note some repairs may take up to a week*

What's Included?


Included is a full repair and or tune-up of your drill. This package is for the labor cost. You will have to pay for any parts required to fix your drill. Repair also includes a thorough cleaning and the cost of shipping back to you.


Only thing that we do NOT cover:

Drills that were previously tampered with (depending on what was tampered with, let us know), and drills that requires any additional parts like a new power box, motor, power cord, bearings, motorbrush, screws and any additional parts which is not covered etc.


Note: If your drill requires a new power box, motor, cord or motorbrush, we will notify you before repairs. (The motor rarely fails and has only happened to .05% of the handpieces that we repaired) We can repair/replace/fix all problems that you are having with your drill. If for any reason you decide not to proceed with the repairs, there will be a $35 diagnostic/shipping charge. Thanks for understanding since it takes our trained techs at least 30-45 minutes to diagnose a problem especially if it has been tampered with. Please make sure that there is in fact something wrong with your drill, otherwise you will also be subjected to the diagnostic fee above.




All parts meets 100% OEM factory specification and comes with 90 day warranty on both the parts and service. We are confident in our detailed repair procedures. Our highly skilled technician will perform a repair to factory specifications within 2-6 business day and fully test your drill before sending it back to you. Service is offered for all KUPA, MEDICOOL, VIP and many more other drills. Additional drills may be available for repair upon inquiry. Please note that at times when bearings are replaced, the drill can get warm when in use. After a few days of use the warmth will dissipate and actually run smoother and more quiet after the bearings break-in period.



Shipping & Handling


You can receive your repaired drill less than a week depending on how fast you send in your defective drill to us.

After we receive your drill, we will inspect, repair and even tune up your drill internally. Repaired item is then carefully boxed and shipped back to you within 2-6 business days of us receiving it. Repair time estimate does not include shipping times. Repaired drills will be shipped back to you FREE via USPS Mail with tracking (control boxes are not covered due to their weight). Let us know if you want to add signature confirmation or insurance (additional charges will apply). Expedited delivery is available at an additional charge. We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages and packages shown as "delivered".  Free shipping available to US customers only.




Contact us 


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

DISCLOSURE: To expedite our repair services any repair that costs less than $85 total for parts and labor will automatically be repaired and billed to the customer. Repairs that totals more than $85 will first require an approval from the buyer.  Any drills that are left with us for more than 60 days without the buyer responding to our phone calls/emails/messages will incur a $20 storage fee. By day 100 we will consider the drill abandoned and it will be broken down to be recycled for parts.  Although we are capable in fixing many drills please understand there are some drills that are old and have discontinued parts from the manufacturers which makes it unrepairable. Thanks for understanding.

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