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Repair Replacement Parts for KUPA (KP50 & KP55 Handpieces) $15 Off bundled Savings*






1. Compatible Motor Cord 


2. Rubber Replacement Finger Grip


3. #1 and #2 Bearings 


4. Set of Replacement Cam Balls


5. Red Passport Control box Cover *Front and Back, Case Only*






Drill is not included. It is used for reference only. The highlighted blue circle is where the rubber grip goes.

We also sell these in bulk. Just ask for more information if you need this or any other parts of these KUPA & Medicool drills!
We only sell these replacement parts and installation instructions DOES NOT come with the purchase. Please do not purchase if you do not know how to replace it yourself. If your drill needs to be serviced please inquire with us as we do have a repair service for these drills. Thank you for understanding.

Interested in a Repair? Please inquire with us as we do have a Repair Service for all Makes and Models of Drills.




Keep in mind that our available repair service is NOT JUST about replacing bearings. 


1. We provide a 24 point preventative repair check


2. We completely disassemble your drill to give it a deep internal clean of all dust and debris.


3. We tighten all components of the drill, replace missing screws, add and replace washers and motor brushes


4. Most importantly, we use our decade plus of experience to fine tune your drill to make sure your drill is smooth, quiet and back to factory specifications



*There will be a 20% restocking fee if the return is not due to our fault. This fee covers the expense of shipping and packaging materials. Thanks for understanding*

KUPA Mani Pro Passport KP50, KP55 Motor Cord, Bearings, Case, Rubber Finger Grip

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