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Replacement Bearings for Medicool Pro Power 520
Replace these bearings to have a smooth and quiet drill. In most cases it will even stop your drill from heating up if you happen to have a clogged bearing.
Please allow 2-5 business days to receive your items. Depending on your location some shipments may take longer. Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are not considered business days. 
Why buy these bearings from us instead of our competitors?
1. High quality bearings are made specifically for these drills.
2. Meets & exceeds the speed ratings that these drills requires.
3. Smooth at high speed.
4. Quiet at high speed.
We only sell these bearings and installation instructions DOES NOT come with the purchase. Please do not purchase if you do not know how to install it yourself. If your drill needs to be serviced by a professional please inquire with us as we do have a repair service for these drills. Thank you for understanding.
Interested in a Repair? Please inquire with us as we do have a Repair Service for all Makes and Models of Drills.
Keep in mind that our available repair service is NOT just about replacing bearings.
1. We provide a 24 point preventative repair check.
2. We completely disassemble your drill to give it a deep internal clean of all the dust and debris.
3. We tighten all components of the drill, replace missing screws, add and replace washers and motorbrushes.
4. Most importantly, we use our decade plus of experience to fine tune your drill to make sure your drill is smooth, quiet and back to factory specifications.
Please note that at times when bearings are replaced, the drill can get warm when in use. After a few days of normal use the warmth will dissipate and actually run smoother and more quiet after the bearings break-in period.

Medicool Pro power 520 Luraco Replacement Bearings #1 - #2

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